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  • Touch and Hold

    since there is a touch screen monitors now how can we implement touch and told in an object?
    using mouse and hotkey works fine but in touch screen it does not work..

    anyone have ideas how to implement?

    i have found this in corona
    Hold = true Count = 0 local Add = function(event) if (event.phase == "press") then Hold = true Adding(event) elseif (event.phase == "release") then Hold = false end end Adding = function(event) while (Hold == true) do Count = Count + 1 CountLabel:setText(Count) end end Thank you.

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    I would suggest you install drivers for touchscreen, I have no problems using my All-in-One Toshiba as per vid in zip file


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      what is your code behind? using mouse i have no problem..
      my concept is i have a button for volume once i press and hold using touch it will continue to increment or dicrement.


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        Hi M8, I think you are missing the point, the code is exactly the same as if you are using the mouse.

        The two things that you require are :
        1) Monitor that is TOUCHSCREEN capable (you can't just use an LCD mointor)
        2) OS Drivers to support the touchscreen
        Click image for larger version

Name:	touchscreen.png
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        if you do not see as above then you have no touch input.


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          i have touch, and touch is function well.. i can touch the button.. but when hold it the volume does not encrement. but if using mouse click it works..


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            Hi Sorry so long to get back, no internet
            OK I found a sample for you - uses an image and works no probs with my touch screen.
            Check + - btns on enter / leave - you should be able to change for your audio volume
            Hope this helps
            Image Man Tscreen.apz


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              thank you i will try this..