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  • FTPWI.Download HELP!

    Hi all,

    Is there any way I can use FTPWI commands to pull files AND folders from FTP?
    Part of what I'm building involves downloading a directory and all files & sub dirs to the temp folder to be installed, but using the above command it only allows 1 file to be downloaded at a time..

    so for instance copy ftp:amp\AMPU\WHAT\ *.*

    Can anybody help please either with this or any other commands I can use in AMS to acomplish this...

    One of the reasons I'm not using any other ftp programs is that the FTP server address CAN sometimes change, (my ISP doesnt offer fixed IP addresses) and the target user wouldnt know the first thing about changing a IP address (to be honest Id actually have to walk it through to the user on the phone) the whole idea of this project is teaching target how to use a pc and how to do certain things..

    Thanks in advance of your time and replies.

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    Anybody please help??


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      You can do this, if you use the FTP plugin instead. The plugin has actions to list file and folder names, so you can download folders recursively.



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        Also I host on dynamic IP and you can get around to the IP problem very easy
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