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  • Slide Show Based on Calendar

    Hi All

    I am trying to make a slideshow to display one image per day based on COMPUTER calendar.
    Slide show will have X images. Each image should be displayed per day

    ex :

    day 01 ....................slide 01
    day 02 .................... slide 02
    day 03 ................... slide 03 ... and so on.

    Ps - if computer in turned off, when restart, it must consider the number of days passed, and display current slide.

    EX - there are a total of 10 slides ( that will be DISPLAYED in a total of 10 days )

    if computer is TURNED OFF on day 4 and just TURNED ON on day 7 ... so... when open, slide show will display slide 7 . ( NOT slide 4 , from the day PC was Turned off )

    Can someone help me with this code ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sumarizing - ( Aplication will keep moving slides day by day even aplication is closed! ( or PC turned off )


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      Hi Bobfern ,
      What you are describing is not a slide show, but an image for a current day.
      Can't understand why only 10 images - what happens on day 11 or 12 or day 30?

      Saving has been explained before - you can use ini file / registry / xml etc on users computer and then recall values

      Anyhow thought this was strange so I used - number day of year to set images to be viewed using a daytime dll ( I think was made by Worm)
      Hope you get the Idea , nothing will happen after day 10 you can add reset code or whatever



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        My Bad - uploaded wrong file
        Correct file saves on Startup not Exit , stops Error on first run
        Added no image after day 10