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ListBoEx html align left tab [HELP]

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  • ListBoEx html align left tab [HELP]

    Hello everyone.. i am having trouble in manipulatin my data into listboxEx.
    in my database i have 4 table that needs to insert in ListboxEx but the problem it is not alligned.
    can anyone help me? there is my listboxEx

    entries = tInfo_List.Data[i]["Data1"].."\t\t"..tInfo_List.Data[i]["Data2"]..",\t\t"..String.Left(tInfo_List.Data[i]["Data3"], 1)..".\t\t"..tInfo_List.Data[i]["Data4"]

    result = ListBoxEx.AddItem("Plugin1", "<font face=Arial size=18>"..entries.."</font>", "", "", "", LBXITEM_HTML, 0, 0, nil);

    i want to achieve that all data will be aligned to left. thank you.

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    Hi telco
    I think you are trying to insert 4 pieces of data into ListBoxEx when I think the cell only takes a string
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ListboxEX.png
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    when I think you have to use maybe GridEx
    Click image for larger version

Name:	GridEX.png
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    RU still working on your database project -


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      yes i not sure about gridex coz i cant find any example of it, if you have example of GridEx maybe will help me understand about it.