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Why is AMS underrated?

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  • Why is AMS underrated?

    I know that Visual Studio exists but... In my opinion, AMS is special. It's simple, fast and optimized. What do you guys think? What is the main reason that AMS is not at the top like Microsoft VS? Feel free to share your opinions .

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    1. It's not fast and optimised. You might think it's fast enough for your purposes, but it is not fast generally. It's using Lua, which immediately has a speed penalty when you process big chunks of data. Aside from that, the functions exposed to Lua in AMS have a speed penalty because they wrap functionality. The right thing to say; it's fast enough, especially for rapid software development
    2. It's fragile / vulnerable, it is quite clear that extracting the source code from AMS produced applications is trivial when you don't take the right precautions
    3. It's not updated regularly, it's been kind of stale the past years - i.e. Visual Studio receives regular updates.
    4. It's only for x86 and 32-bit Windows, while i.e. Visual Studio allows you to compile code for Windows, but develop for MacOS and Linux and other architectures like ARM as well. ****, .NET core C# projects run on Linux too! 32-bit software is obsolete, hence AMS is not winning over VS
    5. It's expensive, in my opinion. Visual Studio costs 45 dollars per month, which is expensive too, however there is a community edition that is free to use for non-commercial products. There is other alternatives, like Node and Python, which allow you to develop software for free. For the updates you get, AMS is costly these days.

    There are more reasons, however AMS is pretty cool for what it is. It's a nice RAPID tool, but if you want to develop serious software - AMS quickly misses a tonne of valuable features.
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