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Application.Sleep - Does it stop script execution ?

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  • Application.Sleep - Does it stop script execution ?

    This could be the dumbest question ever,
    but I have seen examples that make me think AMS application.sleep does indeed
    wait the defined amount of time, eg: 250ms, until executing next line of code in script.
    Yet another side of me is thinking, no, this is Lua the infinate multitasker !
    nothing can stop it !! Dont be stupid man !

    Well maybe lua socket or os.execute can do this ?

    Did the good folks at Indigo Rose spare us such trouble with application.sleep ?

    I'm messing with fast delays, and my brain thinks its working sometimes, other times not.
    Im getting old, its on my bucket list, i simply must know !!

    yes, I've RTFM.....
    As usual, if you are as autistic as me, that's as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike...

    "Puts the application to sleep for xx time" great thanks for that !!!
    An added sentence like, also stops script execution for said delay, or DOES NOT.
    That would me much appreciated.

    Is it just me that is wondering this ? I wouldn't be offended if it was..

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    Hi the code still exucutes at current position but
    Note: While sleeping, the application will not respond to mouse movements, clicks, or key presses.
    I've done an example from a Biohazard timer
    Between 10 - 20 secs it goes to sleep but continues counting but you cannot stop or close app in that time period
    Hope this clears up for you CURIOSITY


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      How about if you are executing a non AMS application and throw in a Lua sleep ?
      This "seems" to help when things are executing all at once ?

      If I throw all these executes in a row, its like happy hour at the local pub !
      But a lazy application sleep before a non lua/ams manipulation does appear to help...
      So I guess killing the AMS application for a little bit, while external apps do their thing,
      is a pseudo delay, which is where I have been confused....
      Im not fussed about the mouse input etc, but surely in the context of external dealings,
      an application sleep can have benefits ???? And be treated like a delay ?
      i've seen it with my own 2 eyes, I tells ya !!!
      AMS crashing when dealing with other programs, yet a lazy application sleep helps...

      So perhaps documentation should add, can be helpful when all of your
      21 guns are firing at once,??

      Good onya charliechaps !! thx for responding..