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Automatically click OK in Windows Security challenge

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  • Automatically click OK in Windows Security challenge

    My app is almost working but Windows Security has me beat. I've got a web page for my weather station which is updated every 15 minutes. I've now integrated a snapshot from one of my security cameras into the page and my app grabs a screenshot from the camera, saves it to a fixed name and then ftp's it to my webspace.

    The camera has a cgi interface which I am using to get the snapshot via http BUT every time a WIndows Security challenge pops up in which I have to click OK. Does anybody know how to automate this?

    edit - I was thinking maybe AutoIT would do it for me but I don't know whether the challenge is actually a window that would be available to it??
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    you could try with Mouse Auto Click and SendKey
    or something like that



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      You could check if something like http://admin:[email protected] still works as the URL, so the browser does not prompt for the credentials.
      Or, if you use HTTP.Submit(), then use the AuthData table in the action to set the credentials.



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        Thanks both - working on it when I can find time. The camera sdk info seems to indicate that including user and password in the URL as suggested should work, but Windows thinks differently


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          They changed that behavior but there is a workaround;


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            Thanks for that. I haven't worked out why it is but if I place a web object on a page with the same URL including user/pwd then it loads without a problem. Perhaps I can go that route and then look at grabbing the image from the web object, if that would work.

            edit - Since discovering that the web object works without my intervention, including continuous refreshes in the page timer, I've also found that each time the call is made to the camera, a copy of the image is saved in the configured location on my NAS. This has completely changed my approach and I'm going back to square one
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              what I meant performed with ams,,,,,,,, test attachments and let me know if you are interested i send apz and DLL

              13MB *******