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Parallel port output access

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  • Parallel port output access

    Hi everybody, first of all i must to tell you i am not a great programmer and my english is not very good too.

    Ok, some years ago i made a simple AMS application capable to turn on and off some LEDS on the parallel port using INPOUT32.DLL. (See the attached file)
    I made it with 7,5 version. It worked fine because it was on Win xp. But now, my problem is it not work with Win 7 due to some security.

    Is someone can help me to fix it ? I would like to use AMS to control some LEDS or Relays using parallel or serial port.
    I tried several way to achieve this: SerialPort plugin (Very complicated), USB, a lot of DLL's etc ... But nothing seems to work.
    So, maybe you will have some simple ideas for me ...

    Thanks for your help.
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