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Help with database localization in sqlite3

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  • Help with database localization in sqlite3

    Good night people.

    I'm back for help!
    I purchased an application that, using it, you can turn Virtual Disks (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive) into network disks on the computer.
    Now, I grabbed to redirect the database (* .db) through sqlite3. I don't know how to put the path to the created disk (W in the project's Global Functions to access the database.
    Can any of you give me this help?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    This is my difficulty ... I can't figure out how to enter the path to the database.
    When the database is located on the same drive or on a remote server, I easily resolve it. But in this case, where the database is on a network mapping, I can't solve it.

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      try to double the initial backslashes



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        Hello Herrin.

        Tried this way, but also does not work.
        When you run the application, the following screens appear on opening and closing:

        Click image for larger version

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          Dear Herrin,

          I just found out where I was going wrong searching the forum. My mistake was in exactly placing the backslashes at the beginning. Reading the posts by the forum and, through trial and error, I found that when it comes to location on different disks but on the same equipment, you cannot use the backslash at the beginning, but only the drive letter ("drive: \\ folder \\ file.extension").
          I appreciate your help and I leave here the solution for those who, perhaps, have the same problem I had.