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  • Product catalog in AMS?


    I want to create a product catalog in AMS. Though I am not quite sure where to start. Here is what I had in mind to create with AMS I just need to know where to start.

    I want to create a cd/dvd product catalog. The catalog will contain lot's of products so I will need some way to allow bulk import of product data (ex: from csv) such as item name, description and other critical information for the product.

    Note: This is only a cd/dvd based catalog, it will not be connected with a website at all, I would like to have an inquiry form for offline payments (for checks and/or money orders) and also I would like to have a link to paypal checkout after they choose to purchase a product.

    Ex: Show the product on the paypal checkout with the item # so I know what there order is when they paid for it. That will be it for the most part. Essentially, I just want to create a cd/dvd shopping catalog for my customers. Can someone show me a template or some starter information to get this project going?

    Thank you!

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    Here you can find several templates wich include slideshow examples and lots more, none of them is a catalog specifically but by combining them you can create your own catalog for sure!


    Those works are not mine, I downloaded them from "https://*************.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=544".
    David Ramirez


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      Hi and Welcome to the forum
      Yes this can be done, but as a beginner you may have troubles, I would suggest creating a database model where you can include pictures,descriptions and when selected with quanity give a price and then add to cart.
      When finished Goto Check out - maybe send you an email with order details etc
      As I said this could be a rather complicated project [as I started one a few years back for my Sister, wanting a Dress Catalogue she wanted for eBay but I gave up]

      Here are a few examples I have put together