Hey All,
Following on from this thread of a couple of days ago
Hi, hope you can help me with this one When a key is pressed it is easy to trigger an action...unless Grid object (or any other) is selected. Is there a way to still retrieve key pressed when Grid object is currently selected, more specifically a cell is selected by user? Thanks in advance. David Ramirez

When you select a cell in the Grid using the following code
sCheck = Grid.GetCellText("Grid1", e_Row, e_Column);
if sCheck ~="" then
    bTextFile = Grid.IsCellSelected("Grid1", e_Row, 2);
    if bTextFile==true then
        myrow = e_Row
        --Dialog for testing uncomment to test
        Dialog.Message("Notice", "You have selected Row "..myrow.."  Col 2", MB_OKCANCEL, MB_ICONINFORMATION, MB_DEFBUTTON1);
If you do not use the Dialog Message (Comment out) - When pressing 1,2 or 3 on keyboard the grid accepts the key pressed instead of inputting text from On Key code
If you use Copy to clipboard and paste into notepad - then return to project , press 1,2,3 On Key code works
using Page.SetFocus("no object"); also On Key code works

Seems to be a bug with cell losing / restoring focus

I have attached a sample with two Grid Objects :
Grid Bug.apz