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Video Object Nuances

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  • Video Object Nuances

    Hi Guys,

    Is it just me, or is there no way to get a Video loaded into the video object to show
    a preview frame of the loaded vid ? I guess I could load a gif preview over the top of
    it but that seems like an extra step that shouldn't be required. I've RTFF and RTFM
    and dont really see a direct answer to this one.

    Second issue with video object. The slider. Is there a method to go back and forward
    in a video, seems the slider only functions as a progress bar for the video time length.

    First point is the most frustrating for me, I can live with the slider issue.
    If I launch external players, everything shows a preview frame.
    I've registered .mp4 as a video extension in the AMS xml config file..
    My system has all codecs (Im assuming) Latest 64bit Win 10.

    I would think this has been addressed before, if it has I cant find it ?
    The fact you can chose the background colour of the video object worries
    me, as that implies this may be normal behaviour. Is there a simple workaround,
    or do I have to physically generate an image overlay ? Thanks guys if anyone knows ?