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Output a batch file to a list box

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  • Output a batch file to a list box

    Working on a project and I actually have 2 files, one a .bat, and another .vbs and I would like to run the file(s) and then display the output file either in a Listbox or, well I am not sure if I can display the output. So a user would click on a button, the file runs, collects the data, in this case, PC info like domain name, IP address, etc, then I have the file save the output to a text on a local drive or whatever. Any way to pull that text to display in the project like a Listbox? I have not built a project yet but I can get you the files used to pull info to test with if needed.

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    Here is an example I've done. PC_Information.apz

    This uses vbs to get lan etc
    Check globals page OnShow etc