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    Hello everyone.. hope you are safe in any place where you are located..
    I have a question regarding Object Opacity, I know already i can apply opacity in Image, however is there any ways to make other object to have opacity options like SlideShow, Paragraph, Label and button? There is already a window transparency but i would prefer on object only? is there any idea or is it possible in AMS?

    Thank you for your answer..


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    You can make Paragraphs, Labels and Buttons translucent by controlling the opacity of an Image placed over it. If you repeat the same background image (or color) of the Page on top of the object, you can make the object fade in or out, like in this simple sample I attached. However, this might not work for windowed objects, as they will not respect the desired z-order.

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      hi ulrich, thank you for this example however i already tried this approach but in somehow in my project i need any solution to make the object (pharagraph, lable, button etc) to have tranparency option or opacity like on the images.
      anyway i found some example using winapi to make the input tranparent it works with my project but looking for other objects option too if posible..