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Proportion Image in ImageScroller

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  • Proportion Image in ImageScroller

    Hi first of all i would like to thanks reteset for the Plugin called ImageScroller and Imagine Programming for sharing the link..

    I have download the plugin because i am now using Database (sqlite2) to save all my image.. before imagescroller i use Slideshow Object to display the image but i need to decode the base64 to local disk and load in Slideshow object. thanks to colc for the help about it..

    now i get intereset in imagescroller because it can display base64 image directly to the object.. but my problem is i need to properly get the exact proportion of the image like the Slideshow object has.. I try ImageScroller.SetFitToWindow("Plugin1", IS_FIT_ALWAYS); but i think its not the answer because the image will not get proportion..

    any one have idea about it. appreciate all the help. Thank you so much.


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    i message reteset but his response is this:

    "Sorry , i no longer provide support for the AMS plugins"

    thank you this thread will be close as there is no answer for my query.