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Play a movie behind buttons?

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  • Play a movie behind buttons?

    Hello everyone

    Does anyone know if it is possible to play a movie behind live buttons? I want an animation to run rather than a static background image, yet still allow the user to click on live buttons to perform actions?

    I can send the video to the back when in editor view, but when I run the project the video always sits on top.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, because the video object is always on the top of all objects in the window..
    I dont know if there is other idea to achieve it.


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      unless you will use a video object with a mask depends on the buttons you have..


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        Thank you both for your contributions. The button hotspot remains on top, so I will probably paste a button icon image in the video and use the hotspot to make it look like there's a button there.

        There's usually a way around most issues in AutoPlay Media Studio.


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          Yes, im also using AMS just for personal use software.. i like it because its a scripting software, i am not a programmer thats why i also ask help here if i am any problem for my projects..
          Hoping AMS can update because its already 2020 and still a lot of pending features request in request section where it is good functions features to add in AMS..

          Thank you..