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  • Anchor-zoom Map Object

    The Task
    I'm trying an experiment. I'm building a game and I wanted to see if it was possible to build in AMS; however, I am keeping most of my code portable so I can move over to LOVE if I need to. I've got most of it working pretty well so far even though it's a fairly demanding game in terms of graphics and processing. I'm using an old DLL (created by Sside I think) to render the map as well as overlay info and effects.

    The Problem
    The one problem I'm having is that I need to be able to zoom (anchor-zoom) into the map and so it needs to be very high resolution. With the default AMS image object, this is absolutely impossible but the image DLL seems to be helping quite a bit. The image is about 6900 by 4700 and the dll can render it but zooming is very slow. "Zooming" in this context means wiping the canvas and then redrawing the map larger or smaller and at a different location within the confines of the "Map Box" window. Besides the default AMS object and SSide's image DLL (which I'm currently using) I've also tried Reteset's ImageScroller (which is lightning fast but, seemingly, can't draw things on top of it) as well Bas's Draw plugin (which is very powerful and can do the effects and info overlay but doesn't redraw fast enough for such a large image).

    The Questions
    Does anyone know of any other way (that I haven't already tried ofc :P) to render and redraw a large image quicky (within the confines of a fixed object) while still being able to render effects and info on top of that image? Or, should I just port my code to LOVE?
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    On this one I would say move to LOVE as they are more up to date on the LUA they use, they have better thread support and also better support for drawing the sprits and images already built in to the core.
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      My question wasn't which was a better game framework. My question, in summary, is if what I described is possible to do in AMS and if so, how.


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        I did not implement scrolling of images in my ImageEx, but you could zoom in (always from the center of the image) and show other objects on top of it. Probably that doesn't help.



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          Hmmm, I will try that, thanks, Ulrich. This is, after all, an experiment in pushing the boundaries of AMS, I'll try whatever may work.