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  • Send to active/open CMD window

    I am trying to use AutoIt for a task I done 100 times and I 100% forgot the tool, I still know Lua, I hate dyslexia and bad memory remembering some things.

    Anyway off topic a little there, AutoIt lets me send things to a active window CMD window in this case to send commands I am using this via PHP exes so we need to get
    the command lines from the the PHP side and pip that to the CMD window.

    What I can do:
    Get Command line [✅]
    do something with the CMD arguments [✅]

    What I am stuck on:
    Setting CMD window to focus [✘]
    Sending command to CMD window [✘]
    Sending result of action to back to the CLI/PHP exec waiting for a message [✘]

    But why do this in AMS? is AutoIt can do it?
    Simple I am Dyslexic and have something up with retaining code from other languages if they not fit in to my understanding PHP and Lua have always been a good makeup language for me
    and this means I will be able to redo it again and again after the fact, but sending information to the CMD window is passed me :P

    Why though:
    I run many CMD based servers on my windows box what don't offer any remote access, been able to create a php system to do this will be good for life lol also I have other people that admin these servers but I can't give OS access out to them so this will mean they can start/stop/restart/backup and so on these servers.
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    To be clear what I need to do is

    CMD windows/ php exec calls the information, sends it to AMS command line, AMS does it's stuff and sends this to another CMD window or program it's not limited to CMD window need to also send key strokes, need to then resend information back to the first CMD windows/php exec once the task as been complete, I am able to get all the information form the second CMD window as 90% of all the servers have log files created soon as they have been started this is a win there so I can just look for that file been updated, but the Talking to CMD windows 2 and sending back to CMD winndow/php exec is where I fall on my ass.
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      Nevermind ended up using another tool for the project, but still interested in peoples ideas.
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