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Troubleshoot why Preview project does not work

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  • Troubleshoot why Preview project does not work

    I have the latest paid version of AutoPlay. I have not used it in about a year.

    I have a simple application, 5 pages in total with 3 pages basically "file browser" pages per the help file. On 3 of the pages, I have a listbox with PDF document names. I ask the user to select a document and then click a button that fires the code to open the PDF (code is per the help file...create a File Browser topic). There are about 30 PDF's --about ten per list box on each of the 3 pages. The 30 documents combined are about 20MB in disk space.

    I can "preview" each page individually successfully. Each of the 3 pages with the listbox / button to open document all preview individually and the listbox/button function correctly (i.e. PDF documents open in a pdf viewer). However, when I try to preview the entire project, it never displays. The dialog box opens to indicate ts building the preview--but it never opens. When I try to build the project (i.e. to a hard drive folder), the project supposedly builds per the dialog message at the end, but when I open the hard drive folder there is no exe file created.

    Any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot are greatly appreciated as I am ready to "give up" and try different software, etc.


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    I would start with the basic stuff, turning off the antivirus completely, so it does not interfere with the build process, and then try to build. Too many times I have had customers complain about build failures, and in most times, it was an external "security" program causing the mess. Whitelist the build / output folder and the temporary folder, if needed.



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      Ulrich, thanks. I apologize that I should have included this in my original post that I had already done this too. If I save the project under a different name and then delete pages, I can get the project to successfully preview and build with only one of the three pages that have the document listbox and button to open the document. If I then re-open the original project and save it under yet a different name and try to build it with just 2 of the 3 pages with the document listbox and button to open the document, the build again fails. Again, there are only 30 PDF's in total spread between the 3 pages. Could there be a "size' limitation (is 23MB in PDF's too large)? JimC


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        I do not think that the size is the issue here. I would like to have a look at this to understand what might be happening, replicating this issue if possible. For this, could you please open a support ticket (you may use the Autorun MAX! support) and provide a way to download the *.apz?



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          OK...I will need to swap out the PDF files as they are attorney/client privileged documents and I won't get permission to release them. It may take me a few business days to get this done. Thank you.


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            A list with the file names (as a simple text file), and the size of the biggest file is enough. I can use one of my own files and rename it to match the names in the project...



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              The original issue was on a Win7 PC and I tried it again on my laptop that has Win10 and a completely different virus application. The build failed on the WIn10 laptop too. However, additional troubleshooting yielded the answer.

              If you change the executable file name from autorun.exe to another name, you must remember to put the ".exe" in the executable filename. Perhaps this is stupidity on my part or maybe two years between AutoPlay usage is too long to remember nuances. Once I added the ".exe" to KWGD_Docs, the project builds properly. Once I build the project successfully, the preview then functions normally. The "successful" build without the EXE in the file name that does not really build must also halt future previews after the initial build really fails. Again, I am not sure if this is my stupidity by not remembering/knowing the ".exe" is required in the file name or a bug/oversight in the code.

              My previous usage was to burn to DVD's and CD's and I probably never changed the autorun.exe to maintain the "auto" start feature available when the media is inserted in the DVD/CD drive.

              Thanks for your help. JimC
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