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  • 360/VR photos

    Has anyone attempted to show a 360 on the web object? I get this:

    "Sorry folks!

    360/VR photos and virtual tours are not supported on Internet Explorer.

    You can open the link in Microsoft Edge instead. For more information, please read this blog post."

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    In many sites and services, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. You can use the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Object in AutoPlay Media Studio 8 and use this instead to access the web site or service. This is a free extension for users who own a license for AutoPlay Media Studio.



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      Yep, I found that! And it works great! Thanks Ulrich


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        Ok, using Ulrich's Microsoft Edge WebView2 Object. on the 360 page, (I wish I could get the plugin to show the first 360 without the "loading" pic) hit the "Inside Front" button. you'll notice the "loading" page goes away but the link will not show up unless you press that button again.
        The next issue I have is when I press the "Main" button the website is still there! I know it's been a while since I've used this program but as usual, I'm lost.

        Thanks in advance.
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          Yeah, when you disable and hide the plugin, the WebView2 needs a second or two to initialize itself, in order to create its windows and set up its internal async stuff. I got your demo working, with less issues, making the code simpler, and I think that you will be pleased with the result. Try this:
          1. Set the "Image1" to "Enabled" and "Visible".
          2. Set the Edge object also to "Enabled" and "Visible". It should be placed below the Image1 in z-order, so the "Loading" graphic you made appears on top.
          3. Set the URL to be loaded into the Edge object as the tinyurl you specified in the text file.
          4. The On Preload event script should be empty.
          5. The On Show event script should have this single line:
            Page.StartTimer(1000, 10);
          6. The On Timer event script should have this code:
            if (e_ID == 10) then
            	Image.SetVisible("Image1", false);
            This will hide the "Loading" graphic, and the WebView2 object will become visible, showing the 360 view shortly after.
          With this approach, you do not need to click the button multiple times. The On Click event script should be simply this:
          inside_front_result = TextFile.ReadToString("AutoPlay\\Docs\\360\\inside _front.txt");
          Edge.LoadURL("Plugin1", inside_front_result);
          I'll need to check regarding the object not being closed upon changing the page. That's odd and should happen automatically. Sadly, I am stuck in a hotel for 14 days in quarantine, and do not have access to my computer at home, to recompile the add-in, in case I made a mistake which is most likely the case here. In the meantime, please check the edited project, which I attached here, which also appears to work around this weird behavior.

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            Thank you Ulrich, I'll take a look.