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file.copy and control installing

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  • file.copy and control installing

    I need some help with file.copy command.

    If you copy big files and in big numbers of files I realized sometimes it copies all successfully, other times does not, leaving "unnoticed" files pending to be copied from source folder.

    I tried to create a script to control the coying loop process without success by using the file.find commands or file.doesexist. Resulting in what the system "thinks" all files copied but does not confirm all they are copied successfully or are leftovers behind copy action, or files that are not actually copied to destination folder.

    Here is an attached example in apz format to see in action.

    Im missing something? How can I control this if everything are copied correctly or not (then in this case to fix later myself -no script are in the apz for this phase currently- I prefer solve this in first place before finishing the scripting):

    Thanks for your time.
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    second version, missing the destination path. Still I dont get how to catch the path, still says the destfolder variable is nil...Any help please?
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      Solved, thanks anyway. This forum is dead