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FTP transfer problems.

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  • FTP transfer problems.

    Fairly recently (possibly since the last Windows update but I'm not sure) my app that has been in daily use for several years now fails to run succesfully. Any ideas where I should be looking? I run Windows Defender together with Malwarebytes Premium and I've added exceptions for the .exe in both.

    The app connects to each one of my 3 security cameras in turn and grabs a snapshot by a call to the camera SDK. The files are renamed to the static filenames used in the weather page of my site. That all works.

    The app then connects to the FTP server for my webspace, changes directory and uploads the 3 images which are then deleted from local HD.

    If I run it as a preview from AMS it works perfectly but if I build the app, either as an .exe or to a folder, the FTP transfer fails and the files on my webspace are left at zero bytes.

    I'm baffled.

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    I would check the log files of Malwarebytes and the Windows Event viewer. Somewhere you should find an explanation where/why the execution of the network operation is being blocked.



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      Thanks for the thought Ulrich, I have already done that and can't find a thing. For the time being the 'kludge' I've come up with is to have AMS running and use preview.

      Is AMS signed? I wonder whether in preview mode Windows sees my app as part of AMS and therefore certified whereas when I build, the .exe isn't signed. Does that sound possible?


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        When you run the preview, you are executing the "autorun.exe" in the CD_Root folder of your project, You could try to run that program manually, and see if this works.
        If the autorun.exe works, but it does not work after you publish the project, then I suspect that you may have a path error somewhere. You may have a path wrong with a missing or extra slash or backslash, or you expect that a path exists when it does not, etc. Check all error codes after performing actions the and check strings returned by GetLastResponse().



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          Thanks again Ulrich. I think I've got to the bottom of it and it's a stupid error on my part. I said that I had added exceptions in both Malwarebytes and Windows Defender BUT after making the change in Windows Defender firewall I wasn't clicking "OK" which hides right at the bottom of the screen so my changes didn't get saved.

          I'd be ashamed to show my spaghetti code and writing in some proper error trapping was going to be my next step. I don't really enjoy coding so it's rough and ready and just enough to get things working which is all well and good until things go wrong

          p.s. I still think that recent Windows updates were the cause.