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False virus positive: "wacatac.b ml"

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  • False virus positive: "wacatac.b ml"

    Hello, i just joined to this forum to find a solution for this, because i just made my own program for a project and then i tested it into other pc's but it got false positive alerts from Windows Defender about a file called "wacatac.b!ml", and also i wanna fix it because it doesn't had intentions to execute malware commands. ¿Is there any solution for this or not? because i don't wanna get massive false reports about this. Here are some screenshots about it for more context. Thanks for reading and i hope you all answer my question. Regards.
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    PD: Also for people that questions about the title and desc about the trojan name, is searched in google as "wacatac.b ml". But microsoft determinates it as "wacatac.b!ml" and also they have the same detect reason. So there isn't to much difference.


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      scan with

      Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool


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        Thanks! I will test it.


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          Hmm.. it doesn't detected for me. Also i tried with VirusTotal scans and also it detected my program to 6 antivirus as a "Malware" file. But this looks more cursed because it gets detected by different security vendors that are not from the mentioned list of the website. So i think that the detection database that the site proposes is outdated. Also i will try to continue searching a solution for this. Thanks for your contribution.
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