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HTML search filter not working

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  • HTML search filter not working

    I am making a project with HTML that has a search filter. The problem is that the filter does not work in Media Studio 8.5. I should mention that the filter works in one other autorun program. Could this be an ActiveX issue?

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    Have No Clue to what you are trying to do ???

    Why not post example or some code

    try this for html - html_replace_values.apz


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      I am making a list of programs for windows. This filter is used to search for individual programs in the list. For a better understanding, I am attaching another picture (this is the old version from 2018 that I made). Everything is done in HTML. As I mentioned before, this filter works on one other program similar to AMS, but it does not work on AMS.

      Click image for larger version

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        Please help somebody...


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          Give us a bit more of a clue Sly. It's obvious that there's a list of the programs and that list is made of items that have properties attached to them (OS? used).
          If the list is an XML document it's one method, If it's information embeded into an html page it's a slightly different way of filtering the page.
          A bit more information would be a great help.