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  • Autoplay Media Studio audio question

    Hello all. I'm brand new to Autoplay, and it's giving me fits sometimes. I have a few issues to ask about, but I'm only gonna ask about one each time I post. My issue tonight goes like this:

    I started with a blank page. I'm building my Page 1, which is the page that directs you to all of the different sections of my presentation. Here's what I'm wanting to do: When the presentation autoplays at the start and takes you to page 1, I'm wanting a short audio file to play when the Page 1 opens. Can't figure out how to do it, and all the tutorials, etc online explain things for the more advanced users. I'm just wanting this explained to me as if I was 5 years old.

    Thank you all, and I look forward to getting to know some of you. Name's Mark.

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    Hi Mark,
    Welcome to the forum.
    Try this to get you going
    audio test.apz


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      Hi Colc. Well, I opened what you sent me and had no idea what you were trying to tell me with it. Like I said, I'm brand new to Autoplay. Let me tell you exactly what I'm trying to do: I'm putting together a collection of oldtime radio shows with famous monsters. When I have the project completed, it's going to be on a flash drive. When the flash drive is inserted into a PC, the first screen to pop up will be Page 1, which will have icons of several monsters. Click on each one to go to a directory of it's shows. OK, I'm giving you too much information. Anyway, do you remember the original Frankenstein, when Dr. Frankenstein starts screaming "It's alive. It's Alive, etc"? So, when the flash drive is inserted to a PC, When Page 1 autoloads, I have an mp3 of "It's alive, etc" that I want to automatically play once as soon as Page 1 loads.

      I think this all made sense. Thanks for your help. I'll watch for your reply.


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        Try this



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          oldhiway, I'm afraid if you could not follow that simple example then I think you are less than capable of programming your idea of creating a flash drive AMS driven program.

          To use Audio you must load the audio file from say your Audio folder then play it when Page1 opens

          If you cannot follow what is in the picture then you will be in trouble following the help file

          you can preview your creation under the "Publish" button on the menu

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Outline.png
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          Here is my example for you to look at the coding - Quick and nasty


          Good Luck