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Synchronising data between local and remote DB

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  • Synchronising data between local and remote DB


    We're trying to develop a support application in AMS which stores data in a local database, and then updates a remote database - possibly days later if the app is on a laptop that cannot always access the remote DB.

    On Timer checks if the remote DB is present. If so, it selects data from the local DB, stores in variables and creates an insert for the remote DB. However, the SQL scripts are getting quite complicated, particularly with updates from the local DB to the remote DB. We've been using SQLite3 as the local DB and MariaDB/MySQL as the remote DB.

    Is there a simpler/easier way of doing this either with these DBMS or others? Merge Replication using SQL Server appears possible, but we'd be looking to use the Express edition for the local DB which only supports subscribers, whereas in this case the local DB would be the main publisher as it is collecting the data and then sending it to the central DB.

    Any thoughts would be welcome!



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    Espero que os sea muy útil
    #wonderdeveloper#tutorialUnity3dsqlite Database synchronization with ms sql server MERGE (mssqlserver_Tablename) AS WUSING openquery(SYNCUSERSINFO, 'select *...


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      Are you planning to write everything from the remote to the main db or just changes that have been made since the last upload?