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DVDs/ISO files to work on both mac/pc?

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  • DVDs/ISO files to work on both mac/pc?

    Hello everyone. This might be a stupid question. I just downloaded the trail version to make interactive DVD menu projects. I've downloaded the ISO files/ Burned DVDs but cant get them to work on mac (the dvd opens as a folder with the files, but wont 'autoplay') I know i'm kindof a luddite but I can't find any information about how to begin troubleshooting this issue. Anything helps thanks

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    Think about it, can you take say a game or an application made for a PC and load it onto a MAC and play it OR take mac app and run it on a PC ?? That'll be a no pretty much most of the time.
    They're different operating systems and need different code to run, the runtime for one will not be the same as the other.
    You could do this on something like livecode (one app code set but distributable versions for mac, PC and android, but cost wise it's going to be more expensive.