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  • Game Designer Looking for Programming Collaborator(s)

    Hello, all! I am a professional 3D artist and game designer.

    I have worked on other people's projects for 15 years. THIS is my web site.

    Now, I want to create a prototype for a game I designed.

    I already have A LOT of great, full-color 2D art for the project. I will be going onto art web sites to get artists to contribute even more art for the prototype.

    This is a science fiction strategy game that involves a lot of AI programming and persistent environment -simulation-based programming.

    I want to work with someone to develop a proof-of-concept version of the game (one complete mission) to add to my business plan. I have a high-level Venture Capitalist working with me to present to potential investors.

    I don't know if AutoPlay (with custom plugins written in C++) can handle this type of project. The game is essentially a sequential, turn-based game, that allows players to do certain steps involved in planning and executing a mission at certain phases. There is a certain amount of interactive, real-time game play involved, during the mission itself.

    No 3D. Simply a futuristic text-based game with 2D graphics that appear over 2D backgrounds; with pop up panels that display 2D animation clips.

    The game client app would need to work with a database, so that a background persistent world can be simulated through text, charts, and tables; as well as with 2D art in the GUI.

    If serious, experienced programmers are interested, please feel free to contact me on this thread, by PM, or by phone: (858) 735-9295 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************(858) 735-9295******end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

    Thank you!
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    I would love to hear more and see where this goes, but I myself are making a game more do action to gane your footing in the game and so on, my game is offline right now but will be app and online driven when I site down and get another project completed, a text based/story/book like game would work in ams just time to make the storyline would be needed and how you want the program to work, these actions would be possible to be database driven and maybe also have a flash client for later play online sine the type of idea is easy.


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      well I'm not saying AMS could not handle this but maybe an actual game engine (there are some free) could handle this better.

      Try searching that in the first place, I have developed using the unity engine which is very good and it's not very expensive.


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        I think he might be wanting something custom to him self and AMS is not great but it would do it


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          i would suggest that using a game maker application for that kind of game
          you should at least use DirectX to make a game in AMS - and this is too far from AMS environment unless someone make a wrapper for it but it is only %5 of the task
          you will need to write tons of codes to make a simple game

          or you can hire a skilled game developer but you have to pay thousands of dollars to him/her
          in other words - you can not find them here

          did you know how much costs a simple game
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            If we talking real time games with great UI's and stuff like that alot hehe, but if its just turn by turn still images when clicking like a stroy book or something like that I say it would be ok in AMS, we should not tell them to go else where we should be getting more people to push ams to its max hehe


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              I thought the game might be too complex to undertake in AMS. But, if a programmer augments AMS with Lua, I thought it might be able to at least create a turn-based, 2D functional demo of the game.


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                what do you mean by turn base? i made a very basic RPG game.

                my demo vid



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                  A turn will have a certain number of allowable actions a player may take. Once they are used up, an END TURN button appears, and the game engine determines the outcomes of the actions. It displays the results as graphics and text and sounds, and then allows the player to make take additional actions, depending on the outcomes, what interactive elements are in the current location, and what, if any, cards are available cards in his hand.

                  The "real-time" component means that as the player performs actions or watches outcomes, a progress bar appears. While it is on the screen, the player may play applicable cards from his hand. Once the progress bar disappears, the game continues in a sequential manner.
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                    This would be possable in the ams just you would need to site down and slowly program each part but this kind of things is used all the time times counters and all this progress updating hiding or showing.


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                      Okay, that's what I thought. Thanks!


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                        Well I have worked as game developer using unity (, UE2 ( and torque engine ( and I have played around with some others. If you would be so kind to pm me and let me get some more details on how to contact you I would help in any way I can

                        For what you have in mind (that I can get) you can use the construct development kit, it is easy to use and it is free.
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                          Them looks are great and everything Josue, but why not try and help get it to work in AMS end of the day this is the AMS 8 post not genreal chat so, he said 2D and its all timers and switchs what AMS is able to do LUA is used as scripting language in many game engins these days.


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                            Oh yea the lua is used a lot nowadays but I think AMS is still far from LUA itself. (tho AMS uses it) starting from the begging there are no image controls over AMS, how can you rotate, pixel detect, pixel blend, etc.. AMS would need a ton of plugins/dlls/ocx to deal with it. I think that if he really want to start in the game developing business and keep his head over his neck AMS is not the tool right now. The game development has it's own (and lots and lots) of problems to make them even bigger using the incorrect tool.


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                              I appreciate the guidance. I know as a content designer that every element I create requires programming to be implemented into the game. So what I am trying to get done is no small task. I was initially hoping to find an application like AMS that could allow me to learn how to do the coding myself to create a demo. But, unless the app is robust in terms of underlying game-oriented coding, I would have to also need to learn a programming language. That would defeat the purpose of my finding a drag and drop app with smart objects to do so.

                              I have to learn the basics of programming (concepts and practices) before I tackle that.