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Does AMS support SOAP

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  • Does AMS support SOAP

    I have a question; does AMS support SOAP, originally defined as Simple Object Access Protocol?

    I need to post data via web services, but don't know if I can do this with AMS.

    Is there someone in this forum who knows the answer??


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    AMS unfortunately doesn't support SOAP natively but their is a lua module that would allow you to use SOAP with AMS:

    Kind Regards,
    Nathaniel Blackburn


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      yes that's possible with LuaCom
      SOAP is a transaction over HTTP , so LuaCom should work

      there is also a SDK available by MS that simplifies the task but you need to install some files (ActiveX ) to target machine , you need to use Luacom as well to access COM

      so using HTTP directly via Luacom is best option you have

      take a look at the sample i posted here , for another purpose

      for example when you want to set a header for example SOAPAction

      GoogleCal:SetRequestHeader("Content-type", "text/xml" );
      GoogleCal:SetRequestHeader("SOAPAction", "some string to service" );
      you will send your XML envelope like below

      after you get a HTTP success code

      GoogleCal.Status == 200
      the ResponseText will contain response of service (as XML)

      so you can parse result XML via XML actions and get desired result Is Closed.

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        Thank you, Reteset, I will give it a try.

        Thanks a lot!!!!


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          Hi Resetet,

          I tried it, but somehow I do something completely wrong.

          Is it too much to ask for a small sample APZ so I can see how it need to be done to make things work?
          I would be so thankful.

          To give you an idea of what I am trying to do, i can show you a link:

          I would like to make this in AMS so I can access the data easily.

          Can you point me in the right direction with a small sample?
          That would be great!


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            here is a simple example of SOAP

            this retrieves weather information from a free service
            this example only shows how to send a request to service and get response back

            setting envelope XML and parsing response is your own work
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              Hi Reteset,

              Thanks a lot, you rock!!!!

              I will study it!

              Thanks again,



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                Hi Reteset,

                I want you to know that it works now. Can't thank you enough!
                The example was just what I needed to figure out the works

                This will save me so much time in gathering information.
                Each time I start my tool, I will think about ya



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                  This is an older thread, but I am revisiting an old situation and rethinking the process.

                  I know that Friethoe asked how to do this using SOAP, but is there any reason to use SOAP, rather than HTTP GET or POST? Assuming that a service, like, supports SOAP & HTTP protocols, why would you choose one protocol over another?

                  Thanks as always,


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                    SOAP is already ( HTTP - POST )

                    although, its explanation is "Simple Object Access Protocol" , it works over HTTP
                    SOAP is only a communication standard , not a custom protocol

                    for example HTML

                    this is a standard
                    if a web browser attemps to read this code , it knows that this is a html code (because it is a standard)
                    so you do not have to tell browser what this code is

                    this is your own trendy one

                    if a web browser attemps to read this code , it does not know what is this code (because it is not a standard)
                    so you have to tell browser what this code is
                    or you have to create a custom browser for your code

                    if you are building your own application and server side will be accesible only by your application then you can use your own system

                    but if you build a server that will be accesible by the applications developed by others
                    choosing SOAP would be good idea

                    although , SOAP is abit outdated , it is in use by many organisations
                    for example : in my country , all of government e-services are based on SOAP
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                      Thanks for that explanation. It helped a lot to clear up the information about SOAP.