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Need some help with html/strings.

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  • Need some help with html/strings.

    I am working on a project that downloads some HTML file via HTTP.Download.
    First I format the HTML file by deleting tags,white spaces etc...
    Second I use TextFile.WriteFromString to save the file.
    Third I display the HTML file into a paragraph object.

    What I want to do is, use String.Find to locate a string in the file,
    and all of the text before the found string will be removed. (loop maybe?)

    Hopefully someone can help!

    Bitmap (113 KB)

    ComboBoxEx (141 KB)

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    Maybe reading the user manual in the part regarding String functions and manipulation will help you to find the (easy) way to do this.
    We are slowly invading your planet to teach lazy humans to read the user manual.
    But don't be scared: we are here to help.


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      Thank you Cybergraph!
      I read about strings a lot in the help file today!
      I just needed to minus the end point with the start point. (problem fixed)
      result = String.Mid(text, start, end-start);

      Bitmap (113 KB)

      ComboBoxEx (141 KB)