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video object on windows 7 freeze

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  • video object on windows 7 freeze

    the video object doesn't play anything for me it freeze the application when i try opening any video file. however it work fine in windows xp with the same videos and codecs.
    is anything i need to do to get it to work in windows 7 like it does on windows xp ?

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    It is impossible to answer your question. Projects containing videos work perfectly for me on both XP and Win7.

    What video formats have you tried - you say "any" but is that really what you mean, no matter if it's mpg, wmv etc. etc.

    Try posting an example of the .apz that doesn't work for you (without the video).


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      i even tried with a simple script
      result = Dialog.FileBrowse(true, "Locate File", _DesktopFolder, "All Files (*.*)|*.*|", "", "dat", false, false);
      Video.Load("Video1", result[1], true, false);
      and the same result
      the videos i tried are mostly .avi with some .mp4 .mkv(with proper codecs installed)
      nothing works(some worked with windows media player), they all work in windows xp.


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        sorry for double posting i could not find the edit button.
        vidlen = Video.GetLength("Video1");
        works on all videos i tried, i get the correct Length of the videos, but they still freeze and doesn't play.


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          I have to stick with reliable standards to ensure compatibility with any (recent) Windows machine so I use .wmv almost exclusively now. All I can say is that I have no problems with videos in Win7 by doing so (hope that's not tempting fate).