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Keep object active on a page ?

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  • Keep object active on a page ?

    Hi All,

    Is there a method of keeping an object running
    on "Page 2" when that page does not have focus ?
    I would like to run a web object that displays a webpage
    that refreshes constantly. Currently if I jump to other
    pages then back to this "Page 2" with the web object,
    it always reloads the URL from fresh. Is there a way
    to keep the web object active when viewing different
    Pages in AMS ?

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    Automan, everything is event driven in a single thread. Simply described, if you switch to another page, the first page has no threads and stops.

    However I think both reteset and webultra did examples to open Multiple Dialogs without closing/losing the earlier threads.

    You can search for these, webultra's work was done with coroutines and Lua Lanes - a bit of work to get your head around, but worth the effort.



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      Thanks for reply MDD,

      Then can I request a page.minimize
      and page.maximize function from the good folks
      at IR.

      I can see several scenarios where this could be helpful.


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        Just thinking idly about this ... why not open the web object in a browser window using the default web browser on the target PC with the target file(s) inside your apps folders structure. You can then close it later from your APMS app if you need to.

        OK it is a dumb simple approach and it would be nicer to be able to APMS directly for this but it should do almost what you want quite simply.