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  • Button Problem

    Total noob here. I have a problem with my buttons. I converted an AM7 project to AM8 and now my button has a problem. I was using the grey_rounded.btn file, but there is not one in AM8. So now while the button shows up it, when you roll over it the usually invisible white background covers up objects close to it. It is fine when not rolled over. it is like there is the button and then a 1/4" border around it. If I try to adjust the size it just makes the button smaller and still keeps the border. Is there any way I can get the button without the boarder? Or download a new grey_rounded.btn file to put in the directory. Sorry if that does not make sense, but I can post pics if needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I guess people do not know what I am describing. Maybe pics will help.

    when I roll over the button on the finish product it partially covers the words next to it even if I don't press and roll off.
    can't get rid if the border around the button. want the the border flush with the sides of the button.


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      Probably during the conversion the image lost the transparent background (maybe converted from PNG to JPG?).

      In any case, .btn are simply .zip files containing the images representing the states of the button.

      Rename the .btn file as .zip, extract images, edit them with an image editor, save as PNG 24 bit with transparent background and finally add the edited images to the .zip and rename it to .btn.
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        Thank you for your suggestion. I will give it a try.