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Tables, Grids,and JSON

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  • Tables, Grids,and JSON


    I've been away for a while, and most of my knowledge has faded, lol.

    I'm trying to use the JSON encode plugin to encode some data from a grid. I know the JSON plugin needs to start from a table to encode it to a proper JSON string, but I'm drawing a blank on the best way to get the data from the grid to a table.

    for example, if I had a 3x2 grid with data like this....

    Adam, Smith, 30
    Julie, Evans, 23

    And I have predetermed JSON parameter names for each colum like
    firstName, lastName, age

    How can I get it all in a JSON string like:

    {"firstName":"Adam","lastName":"Smith","age":"30"} ,
    {"firstName":"Julie","lastName":"Evans","age":"23" }

    Thanks for any help! Its always appreciated.