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  • I am now green

    It's been along time in the works but I always said when I had the money I would become Green, I am happy to be part of the green people, I am also glad to be back on the forum.

    I have a few things people might like to see in the would work but give me a little time I have a new baby boy 2 weeks old at home so programming is not at the top of our list and I am moving house

    I have been working on a way to Obscure the cdd to make the software look more native, this is ready for testing but now I am green I want to recompile the software I will try do this tonight

    I hope to still help people out as much as I used two also.

    Happy days, from the gremlin under your bed, Rex :lol
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    Hey Rex!!!

    Welcome to the "greenish". Happy to see you again here! :yes
    We are slowly invading your planet to teach lazy humans to read the user manual.
    But don't be scared: we are here to help.


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      Welcome back Rex! Long time no see buddy. I've noticed the emails, I'll reply ASAP.
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        Thanks guys nice to be back, the forum is slow but that is good for me with having the baby now I hope to be more useful soon just moving house also, nice to see you Cyber and IP been a while, and sorry I lost contact IP I ditched facebook.
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