Hey there members, I know there are many none native English members, some old timers so we all understand them but there are newer members here that seem to think we owe them something and this software should do what they want.

Well here is a few tips for you I have learnt over the years with this site.

1, never make it out that anyone owes you anything, even if you didn't mean to be careful not to make your post sound like this.

2, When posting help do some simple things first, One RTFM for you that don't read short hand that means Read The .... Manual, this is the first thing that should be done, I know this really tricks of old and new members when reading a post and its clear the user has not read the simple actions of a IR product.

3, When posting try and make it clear what you have tried already, ways and means you tried to over come the problem and this is why you have come asking for help.

4, Try showing the forum the part of the code your stuck on, I would also advice to maybe port the problem part of your app to a apz (Files -> Export) this means you can show the people helping you 100% the same thing you have down to settings made within the .autoplay file.

5, Once you have fixed a problem yourself try and post it explaining the actions you have done and how you feel it fixed it, this will help others searching the forum later, you might as well as this means your help topic becomes helpful to others rather then just another post useless to anyone but you.

6, Showing that the help you are getting is respected, I think almost everyone on this forum will help you as much as they can if they feel that the help is taken on board and respected.

These are just a few tips from myself, don't get me wrong I get it VERY wrong at times as a few old timers here they will agree I had some flame wars in the past

I would advice IR posting a pinned topic with the basics as a few word topic starter posts really do clog up the forum.