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How to detect GIF image Play finished

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  • How to detect GIF image Play finished

    I want put a GIF animation image when start,
    All the buttons and text will Visible only until the GIF image play finished.

    At first I want to use with the progress bar say GIF image playback progress , until it is completion.
    but it looks like the GIF plugin unable to return the progress value.

    I don't know how to grasp the GIF picture playback progress, or that it has finished playing, In order to terminate playback before it start loops.

    GIF animation image on different computer playback speed is not consistent, so using the GIF animation playback time to control its termination is not reliable

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    i would suggest the following options

    convert it to a flash movie , and put a fscommand() to last frame of movie to indicate end of movie

    convert it to a video and play with best suited player , catch finish event on the player Is Closed.

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      i have found a better way : use slideshow object, it may be better than any way ! haha !