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How to save the content of PDF form

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  • How to save the content of PDF form

    Hello to everyone,
    In my project I have some large forms. I tried to build them with the objects that AMS has but there was impossible because the performance of the app was to bad and the screen of the computer flashes a lot if the user resize the window.

    I was thinking to do that by using PDF forms.
    The issue is how can I save the filled from from the pdf object when the user click on button!

    Could someone helps me with that?!

    Here is a example of a pdf form that I want to use.

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    I don't think that the standard acrobat reader will save files like that but the pro version certainly does.
    However the standard adobe reader can save form data in FDF, XDP, XFDF and XML formats, usually this is pushed to a url and then parsed before being added to a database.
    You could do this on the local PC there's an outline of this >>HERE<<