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Error: "The central directory was not found in the archive"

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  • Error: "The central directory was not found in the archive"

    I now have several customers reporting the following error when running our installer built with Autoplay Media Studio:

    "The central directory was not found in the archive (or you were trying to open not the last disk of a multi-disk archive)"

    They have tried multiple PCs without success. Equally, I other customers who can run the installer without problems.

    The installer is digitally signed and the signature is intact on the downloaded file so I don't believe that the problem is a corrupt download.

    Has anyone else heard of this? I can't find much info on this error out there on the net. Could it be virus scanner related? Has there been any improvement in the ZIP engine in later versions of Autoplay Media Studio?


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    If this is a single file download and the digital signature is indeed intact, then it is very likely an issue with the some antivirus or antimalware program blocking access to the file at runtime. You could ask these customers which product(s) they have installed.