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  • Strange Bug

    Hey I have found out there is a strange bug with AMS, I am using

    PHP Code:
    to set the 'On Leave' option but for some reason I am having problem naming the functions for the On Leave

    I have 'On Right-Click' set as

    PHP Code:
    Page.SetObjectScriot(oBjectName'On Right-Click''Ribbon.ExspanderOnRightClick()'
    As you can see the this function name is long but works great

    But if I set the on leave function

    PHP Code:
    Page.SetObjectScriot(oBjectName'On Leave''Ribbon.ExspanderOnLeave()'
    I get a ExspanderOnLeave (a nil value)
    1:[page1 -> objectname -> On Leave] Line: 1 in main chuck

    it seems where ever I use the OnLeave within my function it seems to brake I have no idea why I have tired to rewrite it and still nothing and at this time the functions are all place holder functions so there is NO error in my coding this is related to AMS not me for once lol.

    If I rename my function something else it works but this is not helpful at all for the end user I can use OnEnter, OnClick so on but I can't use OnLeave for some strange reason can anyone thing of why this wouldn't work.

    Ribbon.ExspanderOnLeave() does not work
    Ribbon.EOL() does work and there is NO difference in the functions part from the name, I first thought this was just a bug with the On Leave action but I added this to a button and found the same problem.

    Can anyone else test it, Also I am using Retesets new plugin builder so this also could be down to how is app worked so I tested this without his app and it seemed to still do it.

    Sorry no APZ or real code example as this is NOT on the same PC my netbook is the only thing I have to go only the dev laptop is a offline unit.
    Plugins or Sources MokoX
    BunnyHop Here