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  • Mouse Over icon change highlight

    I am a newbie working on an existing project created by a guy no longer here.
    There are images on the screen and when you mouse over them they highlight and the image changes. I can not figure out how the mouse over changes the image to highlight. I made a copy of one of the existing ones and put a different image in it. When I test it by moving the mouse cursor over it the old original one changes, not the new one. WHAT? I can not find a connection between the new copied one and the original that makes the wrong one highlight. How do you control mouse over actions? I look at the four tabs; Settings, Attributes, Quick action, and Script and see nothing. Version

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    See the On Enter and On Leave event scripts:

    Click image for larger version

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      Hey lee, also if you want to short cut with code when you see like the over image hilight you can put its name as this rather then the opbjects name so Image.Load(this, '\\filepath\\'');

      So the one you copied will be hard coded with the objects name this is why the other one changed on the over of that currant object.
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        Thank you much, that takes care of it.