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    The setup.exe included in the project you posted does not run on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 or the new servers as its set for Windows 7 sp0 and below so you'll need to fix that as well as without doing so people will need to run it manually in compatibility mode and that defeats the purpose of what your doing.

    You can make your whole setup with AMS if you have the source to the installers or IR do SetUp factory that will also achieve what you want with just one application.


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      Boy, I am getting better help here than I expected or hoped for.

      Right, we do not certify our software will run on Windows 8 (it should though). However it has to run on Windows 7 SP1. How did you tell that it is set for 7 SP0? I need to tell the developer about that. They write good code but mostly don't know how to make install files. Maybe I need to learn how to write installers (ha, like that's going to happen without a lot of your help). Most of our customer do upgrades and they just download one huge exe install file from our web site. It is the new ones who get a disk I want to have a better experience.

      Thanks again


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        I would say use Setup Factory from IR then there installer tool is very easy and also uses lua scripting engine, also maybe try and set the running folder to a folder that is on the PC not the DVD might not work but at the same time it might, and AIO means All In One.

        But if your software does not need to create reg files you could install to the given path with AMS compress zip the files and just unzip to where you want them.
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          Thank you all for your help. I have determined that we are having Install Shield problems. It didn't install the C++ Runtime. Now to find a help forum for Install Shield.