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  • Compare two version

    OK I have asked this in the past and unable to find the post not sure if I was using the wrong search requests or what but here goes.

    I have two version numbers in the form AMS does not accept this as a number so I have to '' but how do I compare the two versions, one version is coming from a XML file

    I have tired to see if there the same and also tried tonumber but there not working, where am I going wrong lol version checking be a easy task but guess I just don't have a brain for each lol

    Ub.Version = '';
    local MVersion = XML.GetValue("Software/Version");

    Ub.Version >= MVersion, (Nope)
    tonumber(Ub.Version) >= tonumber(MVersion) (nil)

    I also played with someones decimals.apz and and both return please use possative numbers so I have no idea lol
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    After digging and digging I was able to find another topic using simpler problem and for anyone that might read this the problem is fixed by using String.CompareFileVersions

    Thanks for reading.
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