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Can I run an application inside AMS8

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  • Can I run an application inside AMS8

    Hello to everyone.
    I am trying to add some videos to my app but to get better quality the size of the videos goes very much. I am recording the activity on my computer with BB FlashBack and this program has a nice feature that saves the video with his player and this saves a lot of space. For example a video .avi that is 600Mb with .exe format of BB FlashBack just take 4 Mb of space. My problem is that I want to run this player inside AMS.

    Could someone help me with this issue?!

    A screeshot of my app, inside the red corners I want to put the BB FlashBack player
    Click image for larger version

Name:	inside_app.png
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    Export the video to MPEG4, QuickTime (H264) or even Flash, and use the appropriate object on the Page to display the content.



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      Thank you for you reply Ulrich,
      But the problem is with the video file size. I don't think that a high quality MPEG4 video with resolution 1200x800, 15f/s and duration 4minutes could be 10MB in size.

      The idea is to put that player in a region of my app page.
      Is any way to do this?! I am not an expert but could this be done with ActiveX?!


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        Maybe this might help do what you need.

        Cheers soso