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Need a bit of help from the pro's. Esctract .iso

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    Hi Ulrich.

    Took me a little while but I managed to amend your decompress script to fit my one button setup.

    This will make you laugh.

    Once I had the extracting with the progress working I realised the file names were not showing like on your example.
    Took me about an hour messing and wondering why before I realise I had not made a "label"

    ohhh dear.

    cheers again.


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      @ Ulrich

      Sorry to bother you. Been messing with that code and well, I can not figure out how to not have the command window show.

      With using the Shell.execute you can set the window to (0)
      But the command windows is shown with this new one.
      I have been trying to figure out how to do it with asking for your help, once again but alas I can not.

      Any chance you could cast your magic wand over the code and see how to not have the command window show please.

      No worries if you don't fancy it.


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        Use Window.EnumerateProcesses() to obtain a list of the running processes. Look for a window which is running the command line interpreter (cmd.exe) and get its handle. Once you have found a window, use Window.Minimize() or Window.Hide() to remove it from the desktop. Note: this will hide or minimize all visible cmd.exe windows if you have more than one.

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          How nice does that work, a little flash up of the command window then it disappears.

          I like the touch of the "Decompress" button changes to wait. Then a nice little PING to end it.

          Cheers, once again..