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Need a bit of help from the pro's. Esctract .iso

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  • Old Fellow
    Thanks for that reply.
    Yep I realise the differences between .zip\.rar and a .iso image. :yes
    Like you say the main archivers are able to extract .iso images. My .cmd uses 7zip.dll and 7zip.exe in a given dir and by a simple double click on the .cmd the .iso is extracted.
    This works well.
    I made a simple button project to shell.execute my .cmd and it worked a treat.
    I have not had time to mess further today but hopefully will be doing later.
    Might have to rethink my ideas.

    My imagination is far better than my skills

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  • Ulrich
    An ISO file is a disk image, not a compressed archive. Although utilities like WinZip, WinRAR and a few others may be able to unpack the contents of an ISO file to the hard drive, the Zip plugin can't do this. If you have a disk image, you would normally mount it as a drive to access its contents, instead of copying to another folder.


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  • Old Fellow
    been thinking about this all last night while at work.

    One way which my work, would be to copy the .iso image to a Temp DIR. One where my extract.cmd points to, enabling the files to be extracted.

    another is to change the .iso ext to .zip and see if that works.

    Also I got to thinking about a .iso plugin. I have looked through the plugin threads and not found one.
    There are plenty of others. So somebody is making them. I don't know what goes into making an AMS Plugin but I think I will investigate. Gimme summet to do...

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  • Need a bit of help from the pro's. Esctract .iso


    On my latest project I am trying to locate a .iso image and extract it's contents to a given folder.

    I know how to make a "Dialog.FileBrowse" search for a specific file.

    I have a code on a .cmd to extract a .iso file from a certain dir into another dir.
    using the 7zip files.

    What I would like to do is have the user browse for a .iso and extract it to a certain dir on the users PC.

    this is going to be an "imageX" project but my skills let me down.

    Can a pro help me out here with a pointer or two.

    Plus is it possible to set a visible progress bar for the duration of the extraction process ?