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  • Window Resizing

    I've got 3 windows created with CreateWindowEx and they are all on top of each other:

    Main W = 610
    Main H = 380
    X Y W H
    10 45 590 200
    10 245 590 5 --Splitter
    10 250 590 100
    I'm trying to resize them on the WM_SIZE message so that dragging the main window or maximizing the main window resizes the 3 child windows maintaining the first windows X/Y position and increasing the height proportionately with the second window being directly below with the same height of 5 with the third window directly below that but its height changing proportionately as well while maintaining the space below the third that accommodates the status bar but Ive got a bit of brain drain going on so can anyone help? The user can resize window one and three by scrolling window two and that works OK but its doing that which has thrown me off the main window resizing.

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    Here is an example:


    What I need help with is commented out on the on show page but also when scrolling up its fine but there is a slight difference in window heights when scrolling down for some reason so any mathematically gifted person out there tell me what I messed up on :yes


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      I fixed the window scrolling issue but still need some help with the resizing of the main window, its just a few variables to find:


      so if anyone can fill in the few blanks or tell me how to work out the proportional increase of the windows while one window remains a constant height then that would be a big help.


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        Never mind, in the unlikely event anyone noticed its sorted now.