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Can you create a Screensaver with AMS 8?

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  • Can you create a Screensaver with AMS 8?

    Hi! I want to create an app (maybe in Kiosk mode) which can be run as screensaver.
    I found a few very old topics about screensavers and one mentioned a screensaver created in Autorun MAX! ( - link not valid anymore). If this is possible with the "small" version of AMS it should be possible with the "big" version, too?

    But does anyone know how you can create a screensaver? The other topics just mentioned how to install screensavers or other software which can create screensavers.
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    No, you can't build a true screen saver executable, as it needs some special resources and must follow specific rules. However, you can build simple multimedia applications which you can run a screen savers - they won't show the Settings dialog, neither will you see a preview in the Screen Saver Properties dialog, but they can work.

    You should set the Project Settings to build an application using the "flat" style, so you won't have any borders/frame around your application window. You also want to make sure that the page is resized to fill the whole desktop at program start, moving and/or resizing the objects on the page as required. Finally, you need to end the application immediately when a key is pressed or the mouse if moved, which can be done via the On Key, On Mouse Key, etc. event scripts.

    When your application is ready, publish it as a Web/Email executable. Rename the default "*.exe" extension to "*.scr", then right-click the file and select "Install" from the context menu. The application will be started and you can configure it as a screen saver as desired.

    Click image for larger version

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      I will try this. Thank you very much!
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