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  • Command Line and Samatra pdf

    Hi, Killer program just getting used to. Not a programmer.

    1. I want to open a picture with an embedded program. The program is embedded fine as it runs without the command line inserted. But when I want the picture to load with the program I use the command line AutoPlay\\Images\\03.jpg. I made sure the image is in the Images folder. The response is: Can't Read File Header! Unknown File Format, empty file, or file not found!

    2. I want to embed Sumatra to open pdf files externally in the outside chance someone does not have Adobe Acrobat installed. I am not sure how to get the exe embedded in AMS. I can get the installer to embed but I would like the exe to embed just like the image viewer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I got the Sumatra functioning. I used the "lite" version and installed directly into the docs folder (Thanks Ulrich). As far as the image, I am still working on it.


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      Now Image Working

      Thank, Ulrich. The image is now working. Make sure to put the image in the DOCs folder. If I am using image named "4" the only thing in the command line is 4.jpg. Also set the working folder to "Autoplay\\Docs".