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  • Simply R, Coming Back Soon

    For along time Simply R has been left as a tool that worked, it did its job, tho with windows 8 braking areo it still worked great so I never really got around to fixing it, two many people now have asked me about it so just thought I would let you all know the good old Simply R Project is back, I have sadly lost ALL Simply R source so I have had to start again.

    Change in the new version, I hoping a stable search option in the old version I thing I miss spelt something and kept braking the search on some things says reports.

    New UI, since the areo brakes in windows 8 I will make the new UI better, this version is called Simply R - Blur, as this was the code name for version 4 the first time around tho I redoing 4 from the ground up I felt I was going to keep the name.

    I am also going to clean up a few other things and maybe use a better list box plugin

    Google Books - this was a maybe and still is a maybe in the future, never researched it.
    Amazon Books - this was a maybe and still is a maybe in the future, never researched it.
    Series Field - Will be added
    Blurb/Synopsis Field - Will be added
    No.(Number) Field - Will be added

    You can find 3x beta version here

    On the google page you will see "Simply R, Grimoire ED" was the 4.0 name but this was branded for another website I ran at the time, once I dropped the site 4.0 was renamed to Blur, since I have the paper work for Blur another reason I thought OK time to listen to people I opted to keep that version name.
    Plugins or Sources MokoX
    BunnyHop Here